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Cheryl's Herbs Liq. Extracts (click to see list of products)

Cheryl's Herbs Liq. Extracts  (click to see list of products)

Cheryl's Herbs' liquid Herbal Extracts are of the highest quality available and are expertly made using traditional methods. Cheryl's Herbs is a firm believer in the historic time-tested methods of herb extraction and do not force the extraction over a short period of time in a lab. Liquid extracts have the added benefits of a longer life, the ease of use (great while traveling!) and they require no refrigeration.



Below is a list of current offerings:


100 Vegi Caps

Almond Oil 4 oz.

Almond Oil 8 oz.

Aloe Gel 8 oz

Aloe Juice 8oz

Argan Oil 4 oz.

Argan Oil 8 oz.

Ashwaganda 1oz.

Ashwaganda 2 oz

Astragalus 1 oz.

Astragauls 2 oz.

Avocado Oil 4 oz.

Avocado Oil 8oz.

Bentonite Clay (1 LB)

Bentonite Clay (8 oz)

Bentonite Clay 4 oz.

Bilberry 1 oz.

Bilberry 2 oz.

Bilberry/Cinnamon 1 oz.

Bilberry/Cinnamon 2 oz.

Billberry LE 8 oz.

Black Cohosh 1 oz.

Black Cohosh 2 oz.

Black Walnut Hull (Green) 2 oz.

Black Walnut Hull 1 oz.

Boswellia 1 oz.

Boswellia 2 oz.

Boswellia/Tumeric 1 oz

Boswellia/Tumeric 2 oz.

Brain Power 1 oz

Brain Power 2 oz.

Bugleweed (Dry Cut) 2 oz.

Bugleweed LE 1 oz

Burdock 1 oz.

Burdock 2 oz.

Burdock Purifying Tea 1 oz.

Burdock Purifying Tea 2 oz.

Burdock Root Cut 1 oz

Calendula Cream 4 oz.

Cascara Sagrada 1 oz.

Cascara Sagrada 2 oz.

Castor Oil 4 oz

Castor Oil 8 oz.

Catnip Summer Spray 2 oz

Celery Seed LE 1 oz.

Celery Seed LE 2 oz.

Cellulite Blend 2 oz.

Cellulite Blend 4oz

Chamomile 1 oz.

Chamomile 2 oz.

Chaparral Leaf LE 1 oz.

Chaste Tree Berry 1 oz.

Chaste Tree Berry 2 oz.

Cheryl's Tea 1 oz.

Cheryl's Tea 2 oz.

Chickweed 1 oz.

Chickweed 8 oz.

Chickweed LE 2 oz

Cinnamon 1 oz.

Cinnamon 2 oz.

Clove 2 oz.

Clove Capsules (50)

Clove LE 1 oz.

Comfrey Balm 1 oz

Cornsilk 1 oz.

Damiana LE 1 oz

Damiana LE 2 oz

Dandelion 1 oz.

Dandelion 2 oz.

Dandelion Root (Cut) 1 oz.

Diatomaceous Earth 1 lb

Digestive Tea (1 oz.)

Dry Skin Bath Herbs

Dry Skin Shampoo 16 oz.

Dry Skin Shampoo 8 oz.

Ear Candles (2)

Echinacea 1 oz.

Echinacea 2 oz.

Echinacea/Goldenseal 1 oz

Echinacea/Goldenseal 2 oz

Elderberry 1 oz.

Elderberry 2 oz.

Eyebright 1 oz.

Eyebright LE 2 oz.

False Unicorn 1 oz

False Unicorn 2 oz

Fenugreek LE (1 oz.)

Fenugreek Seed Blk 1 oz

Feverfew 2 oz.

Feverfew LE 1 oz.

Focus LE 1 oz.

For Her (w/out Licorice) 1 oz.

For Her (w/out Licorice) 2 oz.

Garlic 2 oz.

Garlic LE 1 oz.

Garlic/Mullein Ear Oil 1 oz.

Ginger Root LE 1 oz.

Ginger Root LE 2 oz.

Ginger Root Tea 1 oz.

Gingko 2 oz.

Ginkgo LE 1 oz

Goldenseal 1 oz.

Goldenseal 2 oz.

Hawthorn 1 oz.

Hawthorn 2 oz.

HeadEase Tea 1 oz

Hibiscus 1oz

Horsetail 1 oz.

Horsetail LE 2 oz

Hydrangea 1 oz.

Iron LE 1 oz.

Iron LE 2oz.

Jojoba Oil 4 oz.

Jojoba Oil 8 oz.

Kava Kava 1 oz.

Kava Kava 2 oz.

LaPacho 1 oz.

LaPacho 2 oz.

LaPacho Bark Cut 2 oz.

Laurel 7ml EO

Lavender Hydrosol 2 oz.

Lavender Hydrosol 4 oz.

Licorice Root LE

Lobelia LE (1 oz.)

Male Formula 1 oz.

Male Formula 2 oz.

Male Formula w/o Yohimbe (1 oz.)

Male Formula w/o Yohimbe (2 oz.)

Manuka Blend 2 oz.

Mary's Tea 2 oz.

Mary's Tea 4 oz.

Melissa 1 oz.

Melissa LE 2 oz.

Milk Thistle 1 oz.

Milk Thistle 2 oz.

Mullein 1 oz.

Mullein 2 oz.

Muslin Bath Bag

Myrr EO 4ml

Nettle 1 oz.

Nettle 2 oz.

Nettle Leaf Dry 1 oz

Olive Leaf Extract 1 oz.

Parsley 1 oz.

Parsley 2 oz.

Passion Flower 1 oz.

Passion Flower 2 oz.

Raspberry Leaf 1 oz.

Raspberry Leaf 2 oz.

Relaxing Bath Herbs - 1oz

Relaxing Bath Herbs - 2 oz.

Respiratory Tea (1 oz.)

Rose Hydrosol 2 oz.

Rose Hydrosol 4 oz.

Sage (White) Whole 1 oz.

Saw Palmetto 1 oz.

Saw Palmetto 2 oz.

Scalp Tonic 2 oz.

Scalp Tonic 4 oz.

Scalp Tonic 8 oz

Shepherd's Purse 1 oz.

Shepherd's Purse 2 oz

Sinus LE 1 oz.

Sleep Mixture 7 ml EO

Sleep Tea 1 oz

Smoking Mixture 1 oz.

St. John's Wort 1 oz.

St. John's Wort 2 oz.

Tea Strainer

Turmeric 1 oz.

Turmeric 2 oz.

Turmeric EO 7ml

Valerian Root 1 oz.

Valerian Root 2 oz.

Weight Loss Tea 1 oz

Weight Loss Tea 2 oz.

White Willow Bark LE 1 oz

Wormwood 1 oz.

Wormwood 2 oz.

Yarrow LE 1 oz.

Yellow Dock Root Cut 1oz.





This product was added to our catalog on Monday 15 August, 2016.
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